"Obkomovskie Dvori"

It is simply magnificent we can find your great wines in Russia now, although still in little quantities and varieties of vineyards and vintages. Peoples in Russia have very and very little information about German wines and the best producers like Weingut Balthazar Ress. A Russian consumer have a lot of information about France and Italy wines and even about Chilean or Australian wines, but absolutely know nothing about German wines. It is paradox, because Germany is nearest country to Russia and our peoples are bonded by long historical and cultural relationships. The Russian wine lovers and collectors ask us about German wines, but we can give them practically nothing, because we also have an enough scanty information. I think just because only now, German wines are beginning to come to our country. But we who love, respect, drink and work with German wines do all in order that our people also loved, respected and drank your wines. And we can see that our work has nice results, for example, the wines from Weingut Balthazar Ress are very popular in Ufa and the peoples search, ask and even demand them now (we have several cases when your wines ended in our restaurant cellar when guests came to drink them. They were simply incenced). Several days ago we conducted a degustation of your 1999 Hattenheimer Nussbrunnen Beerenauslese among the managers of BashOil company in our restaurant. All the participants were surprised of riches and splendour of this wine. From my side I can say, I never tasted nothing of the kind!!! It was simply divine wine. Even 1993 Esszencia from Chateau Pajzos or 1975 Chateau d'Yquem did not made such impression on me. It was something especial and unforgettable, the best dream and taste in my life. Thank you for this present to the world, for your heaven nectar, for your chef -d' oeuvre. Of course, the provided for people in Ufa are prefering now to drink your Beerenauslese, Eiswein and Trockenbeerenauslese (when we can find these wines), and the not enough provided for ones are drinking your Riesling Auslese.


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