Message from Christian Ress August 2014

For a little over a week, everything revolves around wine at three venues: Schlossplatz (palace square), Marktkirche (market church), and market square on Dern’sches Gelände. As usual, our stand is on market square, on the back side of the new town hall, opposite the restaurant Lumen.


As always, we're offering you and your guests some "extras." Tables fill up quickly, so take advantage of our reservation service. Reserve a table in advance by contacting us via e-mail at gabi.wuertz@balthasar-ress.de Once again, we're working with Bergkäse Station, a Wiesbaden shop featuring a delicious assortment of mountain cheeses. Here, you have an opportunity to order a fantastic selection of finest cheeses for you and your guests. Round this out with a platter of delicious Ibérico ham and "Ressilami" from our Weinbar & Vinothek on nearby Mauergasse. Contact Mrs Kern tanja.kern@balthasar-ress.de to place your order. Due to demand, corporate clients can also pay via credit card for orders of 200 euros or more.


Our Weinbar & Vinothek is open nonstop during the entire festival. It's located on Mauergasse, about a minute's walk from market square on Dern'sches Gelände. There's an "After Party" from Monday through Thursday until 1:00 a.m. and Fridays and Saturdays until 2:00 a.m. The Balthasar Ress Weinbar & Vinothek remains closed Sundays.


In closing, I must congratulate our German national soccer team on winning the World Cup. The team has not only won a golden trophy, but also grapevines in the Hattenheimer Engelmannsberg vineyard. Every individual member of the German team - a total of about 50 people - from the players, trainers, therapists, doctors, to the bus driver and kit manager, will soon receive a grapevine from us. In conjunction with a joint activity with the popular national daily BILD (Mainz and Wiesbaden edition), this "prize" from Balthasar Ress was announced to the team and the newspaper shortly before the finale. True to our word, the "World Cup row" of vines has already been planted and the name tags for each vine prepared. Now we look forward to formally handing over the deeds of ownership to a team representative.



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