Lease your own vine with Balthasar Ress

Lease your own vine in the vineyards of Balthasar Ress located in the Rheingau or in Keitum / Sylt!

Lease a vine right here.

Looking for an original gift idea? It doesn't always have to be a "just" a bottle of about a genuine grapevine? Balthasar Ress enables everyone to give such a special gift to friends, business associates or family members by leasing individual vines in three different locations. Three-, five-, ten- and 25-year leases are available, depending on location. Each grapevine that is leased is identified by an engraved tag bearing the new owner's name, and the new owner has the right to visit the vineyard at any time to monitor the development and care of his/her grapevine. (Note: to protect the vineyard on Sylt, visits are not possible from August through October.) Those with a lease in the Hattenheimer Englemannsberg site can also take part in the grape harvest in autumn.

Naturally, all who receive such a gift are also entitled to a share of the harvest annually, in the form of a bottle of wine made from grapes grown in his or her respective vineyard. All owners receive a voucher that can be redeemed in person at the Balthasar Ress Vinothek in Hattenheim or at the Balthasar Ress Weinbar & Vinothek in Wiesbaden. If preferred, the bottle can be sent to you from either shop (however, you will be invoiced for postage). Lease holders also receive a deed that documents ownership as well as the rights to which owners are entitled.

The press regularly reports on our "lease a vine" service.

Brief descriptions of the three locations follow below:

Hattenheimer Engelmannsberg

The name Engelmannsberg derives from Engelmann of Hattenheim, a knight who deeded his wine estates to Kloster Eberbach in 1321. A lease in this vineyard is particularly appealing thanks to the site's proximity to our winery's Vinothek. The lease entitles the owner to one bottle of Hattenheimer Engelmansberg Riesling trocken annually. The voucher for this can be redeemed not only at the Vinothek of our wine esate, but also at Hattenheim's open-air, riverside wine tasting stand in a huge barrel, as well as at the Rheingauer Weinwoche - the region's huge wine festival in Wiesbaden every August (see calendar of events). In addition, future vine owners in the Engelmannsberg vineyard are also invited to take part in the annual grape harvest in October. For additional details about the Engelmannsberg vineyard, please click here.

Schloss Reichartshausen

Balthasar Ress has been the sole owner of the appellation of origin Schloss Reichartshausen since the late 70s. A lease in this vineyard is reserved exclusively for students, alumni or employees of the ebs (European Business School). Please also note that access to vines leased here is also limited to students, alumni or employees of the ebs. The lease entitles the owner to one bottle of Schloss Reichartshausen Riesling Kabinett annually. For additional details about this vineyard, please click here.

Keitum auf Sylt

This very special opportunity to lease a vine in Germany's most northerly vineyard - near St. Severin Church in Keitum on the island of Sylt - is quite limited due to the overall size of the vineyard, a mere 0.3 ha (0.7 acre). In the future, those who have leased a vine here are annually entitled to one bottle of the rare wine produced from grapes grown on Sylt. For additional details about this vineyard on the island of Sylt, please click here.

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Outtake of WISO (ZDF, German TV) 7/4/2005:
German TV-anchorman Ulrich Kienzle leases a vine at Balthasar Ress!

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