Q:What makes Riesling age well ?

A:Acidity is the key factor of aging Riesling. It also depends on the different harvest time, weather, soil, etc.


Q:What's the difference between Rheingau wines and other famous wine growing regions known for Riesling ? 

A:The Reingau (ca. 20 mins from Frankfurt) has a cooler climate than other regions, wines from this small 30km long stretch along the Rhein river with ca. 3000 hectares under vines encapsulates the very elegent, fresh, and juicy character of Riesling.


Q:What's the story with Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) from Germany? Why do people not know more about the worlds third largest producer of Pinot Noir?

A:In Germany Pinor Noir - or also known as Spätburgunder ("late Burgundy") - has a strong history and is considered a typical, great variety which florishes in certain regions very well. Germany is of course predominantly known for Riesling, hence people may not associate us with producing such other delicate grapes as Pinot Noir. Nowadays, more people and experts realize how diverse the German viticulture actually is. Here the new generation of wine makers are due to be credited as well. Organic production and exciting new technologies are assisting the quality improvements overall. Getting rid of the stigma of producing blue bottled inexpensive volume wines.



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