RESSpekt...for all who deserve it

The wine is a strictly limited edition sourced from the finest grapes of the Rüdesheimer Berg, where the steepest parcels of the Rheingau (> 70% slope) are located. Vintage 2009 was fermented without the addition of cultured yeast, and in order to preserve its individual character, it was not clarified or fined. For this reason, RESSpekt must always be stored at a cool temperature. Only 200 magnums and ten Balthazars (à 12 liters/bottle) are available. As such, RESSpekt can already be viewed as a genuine rarity.

At the same time, RESSpekt illustrates the high quality standards our wine estate has embraced since its founding exactly 140 years ago. In all, this unbelievably concentrated, mineral-rich cuvée is also a statement and “event” for all of our customers: “RESSpekt...for all who deserve it.”

In order to reserve a bottle, please contact our sales manager, Clemens von Eltz, as soon as possible, via phone (+49 (0)6723/9195-115) or e-mail (clemens.von.eltz@balthasar-ress.de ).

RESSpekt Rheingau Riesling trocken magnum (1.5 liters):    125 €

RESSpekt Rheingau Riesling trocken Balthazar (12 liters): 1.200 €

Retail price per bottle, incl. VAT.

We hope you’ll truly enjoy this wonderful wine.


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