"Our clients" October/November 2014

1. Please introduce yourself!


Royal Oak (HK) Co. Ltd, former Merit Wine Boutique, has been founded in 1997 in Hong Kong and aims to be one of the finest quality wine importer and distributors in Hong Kong and China. We mainly import wines from boutique family-operated wineries from all over the world, which are unique and exclusive.



2. Tell us something about you and your job at your place!


My name is Eric Kwok, founder of the company. Three times I was Sommelier Champion in Greater China between 1997 – 2001. I also represented Hong Kong and China at the International Sommelier Competition that was held in Greece in 2004. As a wine merchant, I also get involved in some media, e.g. writing various articles and blogs as well as being the host of a special radio show on wine.



3. What is it that you like about working with wine?


Wine is an important and fantastic partner with good food and cuisine. Especially in Hong Kong, we have a great versatile mix of local and International cuisine and I love to have different wines with a certain style of food. I love food and wine itself as much as the social aspect of it, making new friends and enjoy life.



4. How did you get to know Balthasar Ress and what do you like about our wines?


A very good friend of mine, Mr. Wilson Kwok - he was also my coach for the World Sommelier Competition - was the one who introduced Balthasar Ress to me! He believes in the quality of the wines and also believed in my capacity to carry and promote this brand in a serious way. Apparently so far it turned out to be true and I love to have Balthasar Ress in my portfolio!



5. What would you like to tell Balthasar Ress 


Among the wines from Balthasar Ress, I really like the Riesling Spätlese from Hattenheim Nussbrunnen because it offers a very good balance of fruit and acidity, as well as the excellent structure and complexity. Especially in Asian countries, this wine perfectly matches with most of the various cuisines, especially lighter spicy dishes, e.g. Thai, Korean and Sichuan, which I love most. "


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