Message from Christian Ress June 2014

I travel quite a bit myself, particularly to sites in Arabia and Asia. On the one hand, we export considerable quantities of wine to these regions, and at the same time, they've always interested me. I thoroughly agree with the old saying that "travels broadens the mind." Yet, the nicest part about traveling is always returning home. After being away for several days or even weeks, my first glimpse of the Rhine - near Eltville - reminds me once again of how privileged we are to live and work in a place where others vacation.


The Rheingau is one of Germany's most beautiful cultural regions and one of the world's most beautiful wine-growing regions. Not that this is really news, but sometimes it pays to sharpen our focus on things we often take for granted. All the more reason for holding our third annual "wine & vinyl" event at the wine tasting stand (three giant barrels) on the Rhine riverbank in Hattenheim in mid-summer...there's hardly another spot along the river with such atmosphere, charm, and appeal. Because it's such a beautiful place to spend a summer evening, we're not only hosting wine & vinyl on Friday evening, but we've also hired the guitarist and vocalist "Memphis" to provide entertainment on Saturday evening. Once you've experienced this, you'll never want to miss it again. Who needs Ibiza??



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