Employee profile

"A typical workday at the wine estate" for Susanne Gotta doesnft mean being out in the vineyards or cellars. Shefs responsible for payroll and finance bookkeeping, handling customer and supplier transactions – in essence, dealing with accounts receivable/payable make up her day. In additon to operations analysis, shefs responsible for long-term liquidity planning and preparing the annual financial statement. She monitors the estatefs commercial transactions and provides the essential information for management accounting.


After completing her training as a business manager in 1997, Susanne Gotta joined Balthasar Ress, where she continued her education in accounting. She feels that the atmosphere at the wine estate is quite special and her workday as an office manager can scarcely be compared with the daily routine of an acountant in a large company. She particularly enjoys being part of a young, motivated team in which everyone works well with one another.


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