Employee profile

Apart from maternity leave, Marita Lutz has been employed at our estate for 20 years. As such, she is the longest-serving member of the Balthasar Ress team. Trained as assistant in wholesale and export trade, she is responsible for entering and processing domestic orders. Every order lands on her desk and runs through her able hands.

Marita Lutz is the most important liaison between our customers and our sales and distribution. A very challenging position that calls for precisely the exactitude and accuracy that she brings to the job. Harmonious by nature, she is a calm person for whom commotion does not exist. Her family is her dearest hobby. She is highly appreciated by her colleagues for her precision. Basically, she nevers forgets a thing – she has one of the most effective “pending” and “follow-up” systems in the world. She is permanently hot on the heels of our estate manager.



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