Special offer June 2014

In 2013, thanks to extremely selective harvesting in a several stages, we were once again able to pick grapes of excellent quality for wines from our absolutely top sites: Rüdesheim Berg Schlossberg, Rüdesheim Berg Rottland, Hattenheim Wisselbrunnen, and Hattenheim Nussbrunnen. At our estate, the grapes were stemmed (partly by hand) and underwent an additional selection. We went to great effort, unparalleled in scope. This was the only way to ensure that perfectly ripened grapes were used in the production process. The 2013 wines are marked by enormous fruit, clarity, and concentration. In particular, their concentration is promising for wines of a truly great vintage. The depth of the Rottland is reminiscent of the firm Rottland of vintage 2011, while the Schlossberg towers over all. As usual, the Nussbrunnen is a harmonious charmer. With the Wisselbrunnen, a stylistically different wine, we continue to follow the steady path we’ve pursued since 2012. We’re proud to have been able to produce four quite individualistic wines that clearly reflect their origin – despite the challenges of vintage 2013.


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If you wish, we'll be happy to send you the complete Balthasar Ress price list as a pdf. Contact us via info@balthasar-ress.de. This offer is without obligation and subject to availability. The price is a retail price, incl. VAT. Free delivery within Germany on orders of 30 or more bottles @ 750 ml and/or orders worth 180 € or more. Shipping costs: one 750-ml bottle/€5,95; two/€6,55; three/€7,00; four/€8,20; five or six/€9,00; seven to twenty-nine/€12,45. The shipment will be invoiced and the amount is due within ten days. Deliveries in the Rheingau (including to your wineBANK compartment) and in Wiesbaden are made free of charge.


For members of the trade or for readers outside of Germany: please contact our export manager, Clemens Eltz, to find out whether this product is available in your area or to check out details on export prices and details on shipping outside of Germany. Phone.: +49 6723/9195-115; Email: clemens.von.eltz@balthasar-ress.de.



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