Rüdesheim Berg Schlossberg
With an inclination of 70%, Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg is the steepest vineyard in the Rheingau. Its name derives from the Ehrenfels castle ruins. The vineyards on the "Rüdesheimer Berg" - the steep slopes adjacent to Rüdesheim - particularly the protected Schlossberg site, benefit from intense solar radiation. The slate and Taunus quartzite soils absorb heat during the day and gently release it at night.

Category: Classified vineyard
Total size of vineyard: 21.6 ha (53.4 acres)
Surface owned by Balthasar Ress:   0.5 ha (1.2 acres)
Grape variety:   Riesling
Exposure / Slope:   south, 5-70%
Soil:   Stony to very stony quartzite slate with scattered deposits of red slate. Dry to very dry, slightly acidic to neutral soils that tend to dry out. Coarse, with small amounts of fine soil, and thus, poor water retention. In extemely dry years, old vines with deep roots have an advantage.

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