Rüdesheim Berg Rottland
Berg Rottland is a steep site with a slope of 33%. It is situated on the western edge of town, near the Rhine shoals known as the "Binger Loch".
The name is related to the German verb "reuten/rotten/roden" meaning to clear land for cultivation. In this case, it probably refers to the fallow land (that needed to be cleared) that was given to wine-growers in Rüdesheim and neighboring Eibingen by the archbishop of Mainz between 1031 and 1051.
The soils are quite stony, and vary within the site: slate, quartzite and gravel, partially covered with loess. Thanks to the optimal microclimate with its high degree of sunlight and solar radiation, grapes ripen very well in the Berg Rottland site.

Category: Grand Cru
Total size of vineyard: 30.6 ha (75.6 acres)
Surface owned by Balthasar Ress:   1.1 ha (2.7 acres)
Grape variety:   Riesling
Exposure / Slope:   south, 5-35%
Soil:   Stony, coarse soil with a high proportion of red slate partially interspersed with gray slate, quartzite and gravel. Prone to drainage. Medium to low water permeability. The soils tend to dry out.

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