Hattenheimer Schützenhaus
West of the village, directly above the Pfaffenberg site, Schützenhaus faces south-southwest and rises in altitude from 100 meters/328 feet above sea level (slightly sloping) to about 150 meters/492 feet. The site is relatively long and slopes toward the west, thereby protecting it (in German, "sch�tzen") from cold easterly winds. The name probably derives from a vineyard hut ("Haus") that afforded the vineyard "keepers" who watched over the vineyards prior to the harvest a shelter during inclement weather. The vineyard "guards" used blank cartridge pistols to ward off starlings from munching on the tasty sweet grapes. The soils in the meadows closer to the Rhine consist partly of deep loess and loess-loam, and partly of Tertiary marl mixtures. Because they are deep, they are able to store considerable water reserves - especially valuable in dry years to ensure the vines' water and nutrient supplies, and crucial to producing wines with high extract values.

Category: Classified vineyard
Total size of vineyard: 52,1 ha (128.7 acres)
Surface owned by Balthasar Ress:   5,6 ha (13.8 acres)
Grape variety:   Riesling
Exposure / Slope:   south to southwest, 2-10%
Soil:   The site is relatively long and slopes toward the west, thereby protecting it from cold easterly winds. Because the soils are deep, they are able to store considerable water reserves.

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04.07.2015 - 05.07.2015
Der Riesling-Bulli on tour 2 / 2015
Unser Riesling-Bulli rollt ab sofort durch die Region: Wein-Picknick im Weinberg.

05. July 2015
2. Young Generation Concert - Wilfer meets Ress
Konzert im schönen Rheingau

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18. June 2015
pRESSbook 2015 / 2016
Wir haben ein neues „pRESSbook“ aufgelegt, das ab sofort erhältlich ist und das wir Ihnen, bei Interesse, gerne als pdf oder in der gedruckten Variante zukommen lassen. In diesem pRESSbook haben wir die wichtigsten Stimmen, Meinungen und Bewertungen über uns und unsere Weine gesammelt. Es ist wieder einiges zusammen gekommen und wir sind stolz und dankbar für das enorme Echo und die Wertschätzung, die unsere Weine in der letzten Zeit erfahren.

16. June 2015
The international Wine & Sprits Magazine for the trade in japan.

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01. June 2015
Message from Christian Ress June / July 2015
Our new price list is available. It’s not merely a list of products and prices printed on a piece of paper – it’s a little magazine. We went to great efforts in preparing the new list. It provides all kinds of information about our vineyard sites, our philosophy, and how we work.

01. June 2015
News June / July 2015
We’ve put together a new “pRESSbook.” It’s available immediately as a pdf file or we’ll be happy to send you a hard copy. The pRESSbook is a compilation of the most important opinions, reviews, and critiques about us and our wines. Since the last one was issued, there have been quite a number of new “echoes” – we’re both proud and grateful for this and the fact that our wines have been held in such high esteem in recent years.

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