Lease your own vine with Balthasar Ress

Lease your own vine in the vineyards of Balthasar Ress located in the Rheingau or in Keitum / Sylt!

Lease a vine right here.

Sekt (sparkling wine) was first produced at the estate in the 80ies. Its sparkling wines are subject to the same exacting standards the Ress family adheres to in their production of still wines. Whether still or sparkling, the goal is to bring out a thoroughly typical varietal and vintage character in the wine. Therefore, each Balthasar Ress Sekt is made from vintage-dated, single varietal wines.

Riesling is the traditional and most important grape variety in the Rheingau. As such, this is the varietal the Ress family uses for much of its Sekt production. A Riesling Sekt is especially refreshing - usually more so than a Champagne - thanks not only to its effervescence, but also because of the Riesling's fresh and fruity acidity. For this reason, Riesling Sekt is a sparkling delight, particularly in summer. Typical Riesling aromas (peach, grapefruit) are reflected in the Sekt.

Champagne lovers will recognize familiar aromas in the Pinot Sekts of the Ress family (Blanc de Blanc and Blanc de Noir), cuvées of 100% Pinot Blanc or Pinot Noir grapes that were processed like white wine grapes.....not unlike many Champagnes. Because the red Pinot Noir wine grapes are pressed immediately after harvesting and not left in contact with the skins, the red pigments in the grapes' skins are not released and the juice remains white - hence the name "Blanc de Noir" (white wine from red grapes).

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Winery webcam

Our webcam sends live pictures from the Hattenheimer Nussbrunnen vineyard, our press house, and our bottling hall. Webcam transmissions end when there is longer sufficient light, and the final pictures of the day are sent at night.
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08.08.2014 - 17.08.2014
Rheingauer Weinwoche 2014
Am 08. August 2014 ist es wieder soweit: Die Rheingauer Weinwoche Wiesbaden öffnet bereits zum 39. Mal ihre Pforten.

08.08.2014 - 17.08.2014
After-Party in der Balthasar Ress Weinbar & Vinothek 2014
Wenn die Weinstände auf der Rheingauer Weinwoche schließen, drehen wir nochmal richtig auf...

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01. July 2014
VKBI - Spiegel Nr. 235
Auf ein Glas mit ... Martin Pelz, Geschäftsführer Adlon Holding

20. June 2014
Sylter Rundschau
Der Sylter Wein entwickelt sich gut!

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02. June 2014
Message from Christian Ress June 2014
If statistics and surveys are credible, then Germans are “world champions” when it comes to travel. They travel more frequently and extensively than any other people on earth. Parts of the Balearic Islands (Majorca and Ibiza) and the Canary Islands have long been inundated by German tourists, and even far-away places, like Thailand, the Caribbean, and South Africa, are common destinations.

02. June 2014
News June 2014
Never before have we harvested as many grapes in our vineyard on Sylt as in 2013. This meant we could bottle the complete harvest in full-sized (0.75 l) bottles, whereas our 2012 vintage was only available as “wine in tubes".

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