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Lease your own vine in the vineyards of Balthasar Ress located in the Rheingau or in Keitum / Sylt!

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Schleswig Holsteinischer Landwein

Our vineyard lies on the outskirts of Keitum, Gemany’s northernmost »wine village«, 10 meters (ca. 33 ft.) above sea level in close proximity to the Wadden Sea of the island of Sylt. In 2009, the Agricultural Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein awarded Weingut Balthasar Ress a contract to cultivate a 0.3-ha (0.7-acre) piece of property on the island. The small vineyard in Keitum/Sylt lies in a hollow and is sheltered on three sides by plant growth that guarantees optimal wind protection. The microclimate, with its high number of sun hours, bodes well for cultivating the early ripening varieties Solaris and Rivaner.