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Erbach Marcobrunn

Marcobrunn lies between Erbach and Hattenheim on a south-facing slope. The name refers to a "Brunnen," or spring, on the "Marke" (border) between the two towns, known before 1200 as "markenburne," and after 1275 as "markenborne". In 1810, the people of Erbach erected a decorative, neo-classical frame over the spring and inscribed "Marcobrunnen of Erbach" on its cornice. The people of Hattenheim were not amused and countered with a saying about the right to the Marcobrunn: for Erbach, the water; for Hattenheim, the wine. The soils are medium deep and marked by mica-veined Tertiary marl. The water supply is partially lateral.

Total size of vineyard: 7,1 ha (17.5 acres)
Surface owned by Balthasar Ress: 0,1 ha (0.25 acres)
Grape variety: Riesling
Exposure / Slope: south, 5-25%
Soil: Medium deep, mica-veined, chalky Tertiary marl with a partially lateral water supply. The topsoil dries quickly, and the subsoil has a good water supply.