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Lease your own vine in the vineyards of Balthasar Ress located in the Rheingau or in Keitum / Sylt!

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Portfolio VDP. ERSTE LAGE® Schloss Reichartshausen
  • Schloss Reichartshausen Rheingau Riesling Kabinett feinherb
  • Schloss Reichartshausen Rheingau Riesling Spätlese

Schloss Reichartshausen

The appellation of origin Schloss Reichartshausen is solely owned by Balthasar Ress. It belonged to the Cistercian monastery Kloster Eberbach from the early 12th century and until the early 19th century was one of the monastery's important outlying properties. Today, it is home to the renowned European Business School. In carrying on the great tradition of Kloster Eberbach, Balthasar Ress cultivates only Riesling vines here, which - thanks to the soil structure - yield very racy wines with a pronounced acidity.

Total size of vineyard: 4,0 ha (9,9 acres)
Surface owned by Balthasar Ress: 4,0 ha (9,9 acres)
Grape variety: Riesling
Exposure / Slope: flat, 0-3%
Soil: Chalky, deep loess, partially interspersed with gravelly sections.