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Portfolio VDP. ERSTE LAGE« Hattenheim Engelmannsberg
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Hattenheim Engelmannsberg

The name Engelmannsberg derives from Engelmann of Hattenheim, a knight who deeded his wine estates to Kloster Eberbach in 1321. The soil consists primarily of loess, loess-loam and Tertiary marl. Because they are deep, they are able to store considerable water reserves - especially valuable in dry years to ensure the vines' water and nutrient supplies. For years we've harvested Eiswein in a parcel set in a hollow, where cold winter air collects.

Total size of vineyard: 17,2 ha (42.5 acres)
Surface owned by Balthasar Ress: 1,8 ha (4.5 acres)
Grape variety: Riesling
Exposure / Slope: south to southwest, 10-40%
Soil: Loess-loam, loose Tertiary marl.