Lease your own vine with Balthasar Ress

Lease your own vine in the vineyards of Balthasar Ress located in the Rheingau or in Keitum / Sylt!

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Portfolio VDP. ERSTE LAGE®
  • Hattenheim Engelmannsberg
  • Schloss Reichartshausen
  • Hattenheim Schützenhaus


We use VDP.ERSTE LAGE® to denote a wine from classified single vineyard that unmistakably reflects the influence of its microclimate and soil structure, and shows especially high quality potential. Wines from these first-class are on a par with the finest international growths. Our VDP.ERSTE LAGE® wines pay homage to our soils and microclimates...our home. Our goal is to produce these wines as authentically as possible. As such, we do not embrace oenological innovations and practices, nor do we use cultured yeasts.