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Pricelist 2018/2019

We are pleased to present you our brandnew price list 2018/2019!

Last year, our last price list started with the words:


The past year has brought us the greatest challenge of all time in viticulture. At that time, we were convinced that nothing could really shock us anymore. The year 2017 has proven us wrong and showed us that things can get a little more different and even more challenging. Agriculture, viticulture is and remains a task that is performed with nature. And if nature doesn't want to, if it's moody, it has massive consequences. The year began with late frost in April, at a time when the vines had already sprouted. We initially thought that we had been spared to a certain extent. Unfortunately, however, things turned out differently during the course of the remaining year. Our plants suffered a real cold shock and the first percent of the future harvest had already been lost. The hail hit us really hard on the night of August 1st. More than 70 % of our area was massively affected by hail. A disaster! Only through enormous efforts in terms of personnel and time did we manage to reap anything at all. Our team did an outstanding job - day and night. But our team is an outstanding one anyway! The quality of the grapes that were harvested was excellent. The quantity however wasn't.


2017 is the smallest vintage in the estate's 150-year history. We have already had to contend with low yields in recent years, partly because of the conversion to organic viticulture. The 2017 vintage was the icing on the cake. And not in a good way. We have harvested well under 40 hectoliters on average. Combined with our enormous efforts, this was a great challenge. We therefore have no other choice than to increase prices for the 2017 vintage. 


Of course, we know how sensitive price increases are. We have not made it easy for ourselves, but there are constraints that we also face. We have carried out the necessary price increases carefully and with great deliberation. We hope that you, as our sympathizers, will understand this step and remain loyal to us. 


We are doing everything we can to not only maintain the quality of our wines, but also to constantly improve it. The past years have been characterized by many ideas, experiments and changes. We have found our way and continue to follow it consistently. With your ever-increasing interest in our wines, you show us that this is the right way to go. The national and international trade press also sees it that way. With the 2016 vintage, we have not only reached the top of the region, but are also one of the outstanding companies in the country. This fills us with pride. The great risk we took in 2010 to »transform« the entire company is paying off.

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19. September 2018
Pricelist 2018/2019
We are pleased to present you our brandnew price list 2018/2019!

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