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News August 2016

In recent years, our communication with you has nearly always focused on the great challenges of the growing season and our special efforts to cope with them – be it extreme rainfall during the harvest, periods of heat and drought, frost or hail. Mother Nature is always good for surprises, even though they somehow occur time and again.

This year, however, we’ve been confronted with a situation with which we’re unfamiliar. It has rained incessantly, and at times, torrentially. This has provided ideal conditions for downy mildew, also known as peronospora. The risk of infestation has been so great – greater than we’ve ever experienced – that even the local viticultural office has been stymied by it. “Pero,” as we call it for short, infests not only the leaves of the vine but also the berries, ruining both. The situation in some wine-growing regions is dramatic and several colleagues are in danger of losing their entire crop.


Fortunately, Riesling is somewhat more resistant than members of the Pinot family. Although damage is still within reasonable limits, we, too, have been fighting infestation for weeks. It has posed an enormous challenge. Every drop of rain increases the pressure even more. We fervently hope for a dry period. At the moment, it seems that we might be in luck – though we always take weather forecasts with a grain of salt.


In 2016, we’re taking the concrete steps necessary to obtain organic certification. In our newsletters and other publications of recent years we’ve repeatedly declared our intention to do so – but first we had to understand what all this entails. Now the time has come to throw the switch and get the ball rolling. Of course it is a major step – not least at a time when we’re facing such a great natural challenge. Yet, we are totally convinced that this is the right path for us. Nothing will change with regard to the way we work or our wines. Procuring certification is simply the logical conclusion of the procedure that will enable us to join the ranks of officially certified organic wine-growers.




We truly enjoy our vineyard on Sylt. Planted in 2009, it has proven that Germany’s most popular island resort is also a viable location for serious viticulture. For the past two years, we’ve even produced the wine right on the island, which enables it to qualify for status as a Schleswig-Holsteiner Landwein (vin de pays). With the 2014 vintage, our SÖL’RING received a fantastic facelift. It’s a terrific, high-quality gift. By the way, the wine itself is very good and very reminiscent of a fresh Sauvignon Blanc.


For quite some time we were sold out of vine leases. Effective immediately, you once again have an opportunity to lease your very own vine on Sylt. Become a part of this unique project or make someone happy with the gift of a vine lease on Sylt. Three-, five-, and ten-year leases are available. Naturally, all who have or receive a lease are entitled to a share of the harvest annually, in the form of a bottle of wine made from grapes grown in this vineyard. For more details, please click here.



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