Lease your own vine with Balthasar Ress

Lease your own vine in the vineyards of Balthasar Ress located in the Rheingau or in Keitum / Sylt!

Lease a vine right here.

”Native wine - origin is what counts”

Wine is emotional, vibrant, and captivating. Particularly, when it reflects its origin. Our wine is a "native wine." It stands for everything that defines our vineyards in the Rheingau. It stands for what we are - the fifth generation of Rheingau wine-growers.

Native wine cannot be contrived; it is conceived - by nature. As such, sustainable and ecologically sound vineyard management is absolutely essential. Our path is unfailing. Never dogmatic, but always steady. Our goal is to see that all of our operations are part of a harmonious cycle. We want to return to nature everything we reap from nature. We don't draw up plans; we have ideas. If an idea can't be realized, then we look for an alternative. We discuss things; we weigh the pros and cons; we discard the impracticable; and then, we get on with it.

Native wine is not just any product. A native wine is always a unique specimen, never the same, and influenced by different factors every year. Yet, it retains an underlying, identifiable profile, regardless of whether it is vinified in a dry or sweet style. Ultimately, though, Mother Nature has the upper hand - not man. Our task to preserve the quality of the grapes. As such, our intervention in the cellar is as minimal as possible. We seek to preserve, not alter. Fundamentally, we must work as gently as possible. The way we process our grapes definitely influences the finished wine...stress begets stress, from grape to wine.

Native wine is a "slow wine." It needs time to develop, to discover its personality.This is a process that begins on the vine, with a long time to ripen. As long as it takes for the grapes to reach the perfection of taste. Grape must (juice) needs time to ferment. Particularly, when it is fermented as naturally as possible. Sometimes, this takes one month; sometimes, two; sometimes, it can take up to a year until the must has completely fermented into a dry wine. Young wines also need time. Longer time on the lees enhances a wine's potential to mature, develop power, and age well. It all takes time...

Our goal is a simple one. We want to produce authentic Rheingau wines. Riesling is our grape variety with the ability to reflect its origin and thus, the authenticity of our wines.

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20. December 2018
BR WEINCLUB Facebook-Live-Verkostung Dezember 2018
Es wird live mit Marius Baumeister übertragen!

21. December 2018
Christmas & Winebeats
in der Balthasar Ress Weinbar & Vinothek Frankfurt

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Fallstaff 2019
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20. November 2018
Vinum 2019
Wir freuen uns, Ihnen heute die aktuellen Weinbewertungen mitteilen zu können.

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19. September 2018
Pricelist 2018/2019
We are pleased to present you our brandnew price list 2018/2019!

21. August 2018
Personnel change
New staff operations manager

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