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Balthasar Ress box in Australia

Balthasar Ress case found in Australia.

Dear Herr Ress,

I am sending this e-mail to you from Australia. Some time ago when my father died and my mother sold the family house, I had to clear-out my father's garage. I kept some of his old tools which were stored in a wooden box. As you can see from the attached photos, the box was a wine box from your estate in Hattenheim. On the end of the box, it is marked "Melbourne" which indicates that your company exported wine to Australia. I have no idea how old the box is and I do not know where my father obtained it, although he did work in a local hotel for many years. Perhaps the wine was delivered to that hotel. I was recently working in my own garage and re-discovered the box with my father's tools in it. With the help of the Internet, I was able to search your company and hence I was able to contact you. I trust you will find this small part of your company's history interesting. Are you still exporting your wine to Australia ? If so, I will search for it and sample your fine product - FEIN SEIN DER WEIN ! I have some German heritage on my mother's side of the family. My great-great grandfather, Johann Schadel, emigrated to Australia in 1854 from Neckarsulm, which is situated in Baden-Wurttemberg, near Stuttgart. If I am ever in Germany on business, I will make the effort to visit your estate and share a glass with you.

Best regards, Steve Devitt



Just a quick follow-up regarding the wine box. I have learnt from my brother - in - law that the box originally belonged to his father. His father was a senior engineer in the steel industry and at some time in his career he was involved in a project in Germany. When the project was finished, his German hosts presented him with a bottle of Balthasar Ress wine. He enjoyed the wine very much and for a few years, his colleagues in Germany always sent a box of your wine to his home in Australia for the Christmas season.
So now the story is complete!
Steve Devitt

Dear Christain,
You may recall that earlier this year I sent you an e-mail regarding an old wine box from your estate which I found in my late father's garage. You kindly put the story in the Archives section of your web site. My family were all interested in the story and recently my sister, Therese, visited your father in Hattenheim while she was travelling in Germany. I believe you were away on business at that time in Dubai. My sister told me of your father's wonderfull hospitalty and she will undoubtedly send a thank-you message to him. However, please accept my sincere thanks for the time your father spent with her.
I have been researching the German side of our family and I discovered that in the early days of Australia's wine industry, one of the early settlers, William Macarthur, recruited six vinegrowers from Germany to help establish the vineyards. Three of those six men came from Hattenheim ! Their names were Caspar Flick, Georg Gerhard and Johann Wenz. Another three came from nearby villages : Johann Justus and Johann Stein from Erbach, and Friedrich Seckold from Mittelheim. Are these family names still to be found in Hattenheim ?
William Macarthur's property was at Camden, about 60 kms south-west of Sydney, and my Irish ancestors also settled in that area, with my father being born in Camden. My mother's great-grandfather, Johann Schadel, arrived in Australia in 1855 from Neckarsulm, Wuerttemberg. He was employed as a vinedresser ( Weingartner ) in the Hunter Valley, which is a famous wine district, north-west of Sydney.
I think it is amazing how all these connections have been discovered by the discussion about a simple wooden box found in my father's garage !
Mit freundlichen Grussen,
Steve Devitt

box 2
box 2
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